Partnership and Entrepreneurship Section



The youth category is considered one of the most important categories that work on building and developing society. They are the backbone that cannot be dispensed with. We believe in their effective role in social development and their passion for ideas and aspirations in developing this society to align with the changes in the world.


It is important to provide opportunities for them to develop their ideas, support their ambitions, and train their passion to produce a young generation that carries enough determination and determination to bear the responsibility of developing this nation and enable their skills in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially as it is considered a vital field and the forefront of most advanced countries and the focus of nations' attention.


His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him, emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation and the need to train young people and provide opportunities for them in this field to be a fundamental building block in the national economy system. His Majesty also affirmed the government's continuous follow-up to this field.


Mr. Khalifa Ali AlMuqbali
Head of Section