Training and Career Guidance

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD


The Training and Career Guidance Center is one of the centers under the Deputy of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Electronic Systems and Student Services. The center aims to prepare students for the job market through an integrated career guidance program, which includes a series of lectures and workshops. It also aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing tangible practical experiences. The center also focuses on monitoring and maintaining communication with graduates through the Alumni Association.


Ms. Fatma AlShibli
Head of Center

Heads of Sections


Ms. Fatma Almamari

On-the-Job Training Section


Ms. Nadia AlSaidi

Career Guidance Section


Ms. Bushra ALMamari

Graduate Follow-up Section

Enter Title

Head of Sections


Mr. Laith AlFairoz

Administrative Affairs Section- Head


Mr. Ahmed Almamari

Financial Affairs Section - Head


Ms. Zalikha AlBelushi

Human Resources Section - Head