Administrative Affairs Section



Welcome to the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, where the spirit of innovation and excellence is embodied in every aspect of university life. 


In the Administrative Affairs Section, we strive to provide an ideal university environment that enhances learning and leadership. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including maintenance, cleanliness, transportation, and landscaping. We are committed to efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of the university community. We take pride in promoting campus security and safety, as well as caring for health and occupational safety. Additionally, we carefully and effectively manage contracts and inventory. We also handle visa procedures and health cards for newcomers, in addition to providing hospitality apartment services. All of this is done to the highest quality standards, ensuring the satisfaction and comfort of the university community. We are constantly looking forward to continuous improvement in our services to ensure an excellent and fruitful university experience. 


Mr. Laith AlFairuz
Administrative Affairs Section- Head