On The Job Training Section



The On-the-Job Training Department serves as a crucial bridge between the university and the public and private sectors in the labor market.


The on-the-job training program offered by the department is a mandatory requirement for all students prior to graduation. Its purpose is to cultivate skills and transform theoretical knowledge acquired through academic studies into practical and applicable skills. This is accomplished through a comprehensive training program that is closely aligned with real-world scenarios, complemented by an introductory week to familiarize students with the on-the-job training program.


The department strives to provide students with a formal and immersive experience in authentic work environment. This empowers them to comprehend the relationship between the knowledge and skills they acquire during their university studies and the diverse fields of work within the job market.


Its ultimate objective is to equip students to become proactive and valuable individuals who can effectively meet the demands of the labor market.


Ms. Fatma Almamari
Head of Section