Networks and Information Security Section



The Networks and Information Security Section (NISS) offers comprehensive support and services pertaining to network infrastructure and information security. The section is dedicated to overseeing the implementation of approved plans in collaboration with other teams, departments, and units.


As the primary unit responsible for safeguarding university data and information, the team identifies policies, assesses technical and technological risks, devises solutions, selects equipment and licenses, and establishes structures to ensure the security and integrity of all computing resources. It is committed to maintaining the functionality and resilience of the systems while upholding the highest standards of data protection and security protocols.




NISS offers the following services:

  1. CCTV Monitoring & Management 
  2. IP Phone Management 
  3. Online e-mail support 
  4. e-Learning/Moodle Management 
  5. Turnitin 
  6. Network & Server Management 
  7. Wifi Support 
  8. SharePoint Management 
  9. EduROAM 
  10. Remote Access for Laboratories 
  11. MSTeams 
  12. Software licensing 
  13. Antivirus monitoring 


Mr. Abdulrahman AlHamadani
Head of Section