Admission and Registration Center

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD


The Admission and Registration Center is the entity responsible for receiving admission applications and guiding students through the registration process, scheduling, and examinations at the educational institution. The Admission and Registration Center is the main authority that organizes the administrative processes related to admission, registration, scheduling, and examinations. This includes receiving admission applications, providing necessary information to applicants, and arranging class schedules and examination timetables. The aim of the Admission and Registration Center is to facilitate the admission process for new students and ensure the provision of all necessary procedures for a successful start to their academic journey. 


Mr.Ahmed AlSadi
Head of Center

Heads of Sections


Ms. Aisha AlHosni

Admissions Section


Mr. Yaqoob AlSadi

Registration Section


Ms. Aysha AlMuqbali

Timetabling and Examination Section

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Head of Sections


Mr. Laith AlFairoz

Administrative Affairs Section- Head


Mr. Ahmed Almamari

Financial Affairs Section - Head


Ms. Zalikha AlBelushi

Human Resources Section - Head