Open Data Use Licence

Article (1)



The License A license under which the unit grants a permanent and non-exclusive permission to the beneficiary to use the open data on the unit’s website within the scope of the conditions limited in this licence.
The Unit All Government Administrative Units.
Data Documents, images, clips, audio and visual works, facts and figures, statistics, data of a geographical nature and any other forms of content collected or produced in the Unit, and published on the website,
Data Owner The Unit or Entity that produce and owned the Data.
Data use Any act restricted by Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law, including copying, sharing, translating, or making available to the public by any means.
Beneficiary Natural or legal person exercising the licensed rights under this license.
Creative Commons The Creative Commons licenses are number of licenses and tools that public, companies, and units can use to set copyrights and publishing rights to their work.
Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law Royal Degree number 65/2008 (Issuance of Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law).



Article (2)

Beneficiary Rights


Under this license, the data owner grants the beneficiary the following rights:

  •  Use and reuse of data for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.
  •  Copy, download, publish, distribute, transmit and process data.
  •  Merge data with data from other sources, or publish in another website or application.



Article (3)



When using or publishing data, the beneficiary must indicate the main data source.



Article (4)



The beneficiary is not allowed to take any action that would harm the reputation of the data owner.



Article (5)



The use of the following is excluded from this license:

  1. Personal data
  2. Official government logos
  3. Data protected by intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks
  4. Personal identification documents



Article (6)



All rights under this license will automatically terminate if any of its terms are violated



Article (7)

General Provisions


  1. The beneficiary has the right to use the data owned by a third party without the need to obtain approval or refer to the author, provided that he adheres to the requirements set forth in the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law.
  2. This license is compatible with the Creative Commons “CREATIVE COMMONS” LICENSE (CC BY 4.0) v4.
  3. This license does not give permission to the beneficiary to use the data in any way that indicates the data owner's endorsement of the beneficiary.
  4. This license is subject to the relevant laws and regulations in force in the Sultanate.