Library Section



Library Section (LS) is committed to providing top-notch library services aimed at cultivating a conducive study environment. This are all achieved by enforcing rules, regulations, and policies relevant to paper-based information resources, while also spearheading strategies for the digitalization of library resources. Its goal is to broaden horizons, catering not only to students and staff but to all stakeholders involved. Additionally, the library ensures that resources are regularly updated, meticulously organized, easily accessible, and well-maintained.


LS provides the following:

  1. Library System 
  2. Reference Service 
  3. User Education Service (Library Campaign) 
  4. e-Catalogue 
  5. Circulation Service and Borrowing of Books 
  6. Borrowing of CDs & DVDs and other instructional materials 
  7. Online Resources (ProQuest and MASADER) 
  8. E-Library 
  9. Trainings related to E-references 

Mr. Marwan ALYahyaei
Head of Section