Information Systems and Educational Technologies Center

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Welcome to the Information Systems and Educational Technologies Center (ISETC), where we are committed to enriching academic pedagogy and administrative services through strategic technological integration.


At ISETC, we are deeply aligned with the university's mission and vision, endeavoring to deliver unparalleled service that instills trust among all stakeholders.


Each year, we embark on a journey of enhancement, transitioning from basic technological infrastructure to cutting-edge solutions, in alignment with UTAS's vision of innovation and security. These advancements are a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of our diverse team of ISETC professionals.


Through our collective efforts, we strive to streamline systems, foster engagement among stakeholders, and enrich student-centered learning experiences. By leveraging the latest educational and technological facilities, we aim to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across our university community.


We extend our gratitude to you for visiting our page, and encourage you to frequent it for news and updates. Together, let us power the future of education and technology at our esteemed institution.


More power!


Mr. Ahmed AlSaidi
Head of Center

Heads of Sections


Ms. Laila AlMusawi

Educational Technologies Section


Mr. Abdulrahman AlHamadani

Networks and Information Security Section


Mr. Marwan ALYahyaei

Library Section


Mr.Humaid AlMamari

Systems Development and Technical Support Section

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Head of Sections


Mr. Laith AlFairoz

Administrative Affairs Section- Head


Mr. Ahmed Almamari

Financial Affairs Section - Head


Ms. Zalikha AlBelushi

Human Resources Section - Head