Systems Development and Technical Support Section



The Systems Development and Technical Support Section (SDTSS) is committed to delivering premier technical support and automation services to uphold the institution's mission of providing quality education and fostering research excellence. The section takes pride in facilitating the implementation of approved plans through close collaboration with various teams, departments, and units.


As the forefront section handling electronic systems, automation, and technical helpdesk support, the team actively identifies policies, evaluates technical and technological solutions, selects equipment and licenses, and establishes structures to guarantee the seamless operation of the university's daily activities. It continuously develops mechanisms and alternative solutions to ensure the continuity of work and enhance operational efficiency.



SDTSS offers the following services:

  1. Computer Laboratories Support 
  2. Workshop/Helpdesk for Staff and Students 
  3. Remote Support 
  4. College Website Development and Updates 
  5. In-house System Development 
  6. Unified System Implementation 
  7. Training Development Staff & Students and Community 


Mr. Humaid AlMamari
Head of Section