Continuous Education and Community Service Department



Welcome to Continuous Education and Community Services Department at University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Shinas. With the vision to deliver impactful community and environmental programs, our office serves as a pivotal link between UTAS-Shinas and society. Our team strives to provide innovative and exceptional training programs and services to North Al Batina Governorate.  To fulfill our vision and mission, we collaborate closely with faculty members, students and university staff to organize a wide array of training programs and activities. All individuals are welcome to take part in our professional development opportunities ranging from lectures, workshops, and training courses.


Agreements of Cooperation with private and government entities for better community services and execution of Oman Vision 2040 are welcome. We actively engage with public and private institutions to provide comprehensive training services and collaborate on initiatives to serve the community and the environment. We invite you to explore our website and let us know how you can engage with us in our shared pursuit of personal and professional development.


Working together, let's build a brighter future for our community.


Mr. Hamdan Ali AlAbri
Head of Department