Student Affairs Center

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD


The Student Affairs Center plays a significant role in the university student's life, emphasizing the importance of the center's role in several aspects. This includes developing students' personal skills, enhancing relationships among students themselves, and between students, lecturers, and academics. It aims to promote students' sense of independence, responsibility, and break down barriers between students and the educational environment, making it more appealing to them through diverse services provided by the center, such as various activities, comfort and health services, and psychological support for university students.


As you know, educational institutions encourage their members to engage in student activities due to their positive impact on academic care, including cognitive, physical, mental, and social aspects, as well as the development of students' skills and talents. Student services programs provide students with high adaptability to the university environment and its different components, which enhance motivation for learning and excellence. Additionally, guidance and counseling programs contribute to the development of students' emotional attitudes towards national responsibility, values, principles, and humanity.


Mr. Nasser AlKindi
Head of Center

Heads of Sections


Ms. Huda AlAjmi

Student Activities Section


Ms. Badriya AlMatroshi

Student Services Section


Mr. Ahmed AlFarsi

Guidance and Counselling Section

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Head of Sections


Mr. Laith AlFairoz

Administrative Affairs Section- Head


Mr. Ahmed Almamari

Financial Affairs Section - Head


Ms. Zalikha AlBelushi

Human Resources Section - Head