Timetabling and Examination Section




The Scheduling and Examinations Department at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences plays a crucial role in organizing and managing academic schedules and examinations.  


With a primary focus on ensuring the seamless integration of courses and curriculum requirements, the department meticulously designs schedules that accommodate the needs of students. 


Moreover, it meticulously plans and coordinates midterm and final examinations, aligning them with the study calendar and creating a conducive environment for students to perform their best.  

The department's principal goal is to provide students with a smooth and efficient academic experience, characterized by fair and effective examination processes. 


In addition to its administrative functions, the Scheduling and Examinations Department extends support and guidance to students regarding their academic schedules and examination logistics. It maintains close collaboration with academic departments to address students' specific needs and concerns.  


By constantly striving for excellence in scheduling and examination management, the department contributes to the overall success and satisfaction of students at the university


Ms. Aysha AlMuqbali
Head of Section