Legal Affairs Section



The Legal Affairs Department was established by Decree No. 322/2023, following the approved organizational structure of the Technical University and Applied Sciences.  


The university places great importance on ensuring full compliance with the laws and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this, the Legal Affairs Department provides comprehensive legal support and guidance. It also offers valuable legal consultations to the university's management and departments, ensuring that their actions align with the legal framework. It diligently reviews and drafts contracts and agreements on behalf of the university, ensuring their accuracy and adherence to legal standards.  


Moreover, the department plays a crucial role in cases of administrative accountability, safeguarding the university's interests.  


Additionally, the Legal Affairs Department represents the university before various judicial bodies, ensuring effective legal representation and advocacy. By upholding legal integrity and providing expert advice, the department contributes to the university's commitment to excellence and legal compliance.


Mr. Khamis Almasuadi
Head of Section