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College of Creative Industries

The College of Creative Industries offers locally-pioneering programs in Photography, Design and Mass Communication. Our programs equip students with the knowledge and skills required for the current dynamic creative-based global economy.


The College of Creative Industries aspires to build a generation of professionals and entrepreneurs in the various fields of creative industries such as photography, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, multimedia design, digital media design, film making, advertising, journalism, public relations, and media management.


The College of Creative Industries relies on human creativity as a foundation in the innovation system. It also blends creativity and arts with the inputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital technology and translates creative ideas into outputs that are of cultural significance and social impact. Those creative ideas are crystallized into creative industries that contribute to enhancing the national identity and values and strengthening the cultural diversity, social cohesion, and creative economy.


Graduates of the College of Creative Industries work as photographers, designers in various fields (such as fashion, graphic design, interior, interactive media, visual effects and motion graphics), content makers, film makers, editors, reporters and journalists. Our graduates work in design firms, radio and television broadcasting and advertising agencies. They also work in the public relations and marketing departments of private and public companies and in newspapers, periodicals and magazines.