Information Systems and Educational Technologies Centre



Welcome to the Educational Technology Center (ETC) at University of Technology and Applied Sciences (HCT).


In line with the UTAS Vision to be at the forefront of higher education institutions in technological education, both nationally and regionally, we, at the ETC supports the college strategic goal of anchoring our identity of technological education, by providing efficient and effective ICT facilities, resources and services to our stakeholders.


At the ETC, we implement effective and efficient systems for Educational Technologies and ICT facilities, resources and services, through its three sections, namely, Computer Services Section, Educational Services Section and the Library Section.


The Educational Service Section supports the college by providing, updating, developing, classifying, organizing and maintaining the educational materials and equipment, for teaching and technical support staff, and providing them the necessary training for a better utilization of educational resources and aids. ESS also produces various educational aids for the benefit of the educational process, in coordination with the concerned centers and departments, supervises and supporting college events in relation to educational technology resources for self-access learning.


On the other hand, the Computer Services Section provides, updates, develops, classifies, organizes and maintains the servers, computers and computer networks, college information and electronic systems, and ICT Security. CSS also provides support services and trainings to students and staff in relation with the ICT developments.


The Library Section provides, safeguards, organizes, classifies the library materials and e-library resources, and provides a suitable environment for reading, research and supporting the student on their curriculum requirements.

We hope that by doing our level best, we will ensure smooth operation of all ICT infrastructures in HCT-UTAS and we can satisfy our stakeholders, on the quality of the facilities, resources and services we provide.


Dr. Asma Al Marhubi
Head of Center

Head of Sections

CAE Section HOS

Mr. Salim Al Hasni

Head of Network & Information Security Department

EEE Section HOS

Mrs. Suaad Al Salti

Head Educational Technology Department

MIE Section HOS

Mrs. Azhar Al Sheikh

Head of Library Department

CAE Section HOS

Mrs. Badriya Al-Muqbali

Head of System Development & Technical Support Department