Financial Affairs Section

Finance HeadThe Financial Affairs Section is, par excellence, the pivotal hub in all the transactions effected between the College departments, on one hand, and firms, on the other for the purpose of meeting all the needs of these departments including, to mention but a few, engineering (mechanical and electrical and otherwise) tools and devices as well as lab necessities side by side with stationery, furniture and house equipment etc. Additionally, the Department is in charge of providing work desks for lecturers and non-teaching staff and support cadre members. Furthermore, the Department furnishes the supplies and requirements for the proper and adequate maintenance of the College buildings and facilities and the like, thereby guaranteeing work performance quality at best possible satisfaction to all parties concerned. On the other hand, the Department disburses financial aids in support of needy students and also disburses allowances in lieu of flight tickets for students and lecturers alike. Moreover, the Department raises cash money promptly so as to hasten up the procurement of work needs and requirements.



Financial Affairs Section - Head