Human Resources Section

hr-HodIn compliance with the Ministerial Decision No. 72/2004, Article No. 5/C, the Colleges of Technology Bylaws identify the responsibilities of the Human Resources Section as follows:


  •  Identifying the available human resources (HR) in all college centers and department in order to classify qualifications and experiences for taking necessary actions.
  •  Setting up a database for college human resources.
  •  Organizing staff attendance, absence and holidays.
  •  Classifying and analysing the different jobs in the college.
  •  Developing the academic and administrative capabilities of the college personnel by organizing in-service training workshops, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the ministry.
  •  Producing college staff appraisal plan, taking required actions to analyze appraisal results and taking necessary actions.
  •  Reviewing college departments job specifications in order to identify the means of advertisement and organize means of candidates’ selection. In so doing, the selected list of candidates will be presented to the concerned authority to start processing the appointment of the best candidates.
  •  Adopting the best practice in human resources management.


Human Resources Section - Head