Partnership and Entrepreneurship Section

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD

Ms. Fatma Said Sulaiman AL Ghafri
Head of Partnership and Entrepreneurship Section

We seek to empower students with future entrepreneurial skills and support creative and innovative ideas through guidance, consulting, and business incubators that enable them to enter the world of entrepreneurship.


  1.  Contributing to the preparation of entrepreneurship programs at the university branch in coordination with the relevant sectors.
  2. Taking the necessary measures to develop entrepreneurship in the branch and the local community in accordance with the university’s communication policy.
  3. Introducing students to the entrepreneurship support system and providing them with the basic skills necessary to enable them to successfully manage their emerging projects.
  4. Contributing to activating the role of small and medium enterprises in creating jobs and employment opportunities that accommodate university graduates.
  5.  Promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and consolidating entrepreneurial thinking among university students.
  6. Building relationships and partnerships between the branch and institutions that support entrepreneurship.
  7. Highlighting emerging student companies and supporting them to engage in the business sector.
  8. Supporting student companies through business incubators.