Information Systems and Educational Technologies Center

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD

Mr. Ayman Sulaiman Saif AL Sabahi

On behalf of all ISETC Members, I would like to welcome all to the ISETC Page. We are proud of the ways that we as a center of Information Systems and Educational Technologies at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Nizwa to encourage the excellent learning resources and provide unparalleled support services in accordance with the University mission and vision. As such, the ISETC's mandate is to strengthen the university branch’s community through innovative technologies and provide unparalleled learning resources that responds to the requirements of the future and sustainability to achieve Oman Vision 2040.
The ISETC divided into four major sections:
- Educational Technology Section.
- Networks and Information Security Section.
- Library Section.
- Systems Development and Technical Support Section.
Within the sections, are teams of highly skilled individuals of various nationalities that empower stakeholders in developing their abilities toward achieving the satisfaction of the branch’s departments.







  1. Contribute to preparing the University branch’s plans related to the Centre as well as follow up the implementation of such plans after being approved by the competent entities.
  2. Supervise the enforcement of the rules, regulations and policies related to the Centre as well as propose their development in coordination with the concerned sections.
  3. Provide electronic resources to the University’s facilities as needed as well as supervise their maintenance.
  4. Manage and develop software and computerized systems at the University as well as maintain them on a continuous basis in coordination with various divisions of the University.
  5. Maintain technical collections at the University’s buildings.
  6. Prepare plans and a budget to provide and develop technical and technological projects as well as follow up their implementation to ensure the quality of their provision.
  7. Follow up all electronic licenses to the systems and software at the University via a unified database.
  8. Develop and manage the University’s website according to the applicable policies as well as provide adequate technical support.
  9. Develop and assess the E-learning platforms of the University.
  10. Develop and update the central databases of the University and maintain their confidentiality.
  11. Protect and monitor the University’s network using network protection technologies as well as ensure its continued operation.
  12. Prepare the annual report of the Centre and achievements made according to the operating and executive plans, identify challenges and propose work-related development plans.
  13. Propose professional development programs for the Centre’s employees and implement such programs in coordination with the competent entities. Contribute to improving the services provided.
  14. Any other duties that fall within its area of competences.