Quality Assurance Section

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Head of Quality Assurance Section

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  • 1 - Lead the implementation and review of the UTAS Strategic Plan and guide different college units in the development, implementation and review of their respective Operational Plans;
  • 2 - Provide advices to UTAS about strategic projects needed to achieve the college mission and vision;
  • 3 - Initiate, organize and conduct quality assurance and enhancement activities such as seminars and workshops, in order to orient the Universitie staff on QA-related matters and sustain the nature of quality assurance standards in the Universitie
  • 4 - Manage the quality cycle as well as the self-assessment practices of the Universitie, and ensure that standards are maintained and/or improved;
  • 5 - Review the Utas-Nizwa systems, processes and KPIs to ensure continuous improvement of Universitie QA practices and standards;
  • 6 - Lead and coordinate in the preparation of the College Quality Portfolio and other similar reports required by external QA agencies such as OAAA and QD MoM;
  • 7 - Carry out any other duties as the need arises and as assigned by the UTAS-Nizwa Council.

QAS Members

The official members of the Quality Assurance Department.

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Academic Representatives

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Non-academic Representatives

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