Innovation and Technology Transfer Department


Innovation and Technology Transfer department is dedicated to lead UTAS students and staff to be successful innovators and contribute to Oman’s economic development. This is done by foster an environment that promotes applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in various fields of technology.


An innovation and technology transfer department facilitates the growth of your university. Our Innovation and Technology transfer department Follow up on the implementation of intellectual property policies in various university divisions, verify their effectiveness, and work to develop them. We Implement plans to develop innovation programs in various university divisions and finance them. Our department is dedicating in Establishing a mechanism to market innovative projects and patents, and creating incubators for them in the industry and technology sectors.

Our commitment to pioneering Innovation and technology transfer is evident in our contribution to building strategic partnerships with industry sectors in the fields of innovation, to support the development of the competencies of students and young scientists.


Dr. Mitha Rabia Salim Al-Jabri
Head of Department