Deputy of the Assistant for Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies, Scientific Research and Innovation

Admin and Financial Affairs HOD

"Here at UTAS-Suhar we lie in forging a path defined by academic rigor, research excellence, and transformative innovation on national and international level. Central to our vision and our strength is the invaluable human potential that drives our institution to advancements. We are committed to foster an environment where each individual's unique contribution is recognized, and their talents are honed to their utmost potential.

Strategic planning is the backbone of our mission. By anticipating future challenges and opportunities, we lay down a clear roadmap to ensure UTAS overall remains at the forefront of global academic and research landscapes.

Our mission extends beyond the walls of UTAS. In a rapidly evolving global landscape, collaboration is key. We are actively engaged in forging meaningful partnerships with industries, ensuring our research and innovations are aligned with real-world needs and can lead to tangible solutions. Additionally, our alliances with various entities, both nationally and globally, serve to enrich our academic framework, offer diverse perspectives, and ensure our reach extends across boundaries.

In reaching out to the globe, we are not just participants but active contributors to global conversations and innovations. Our vision is to shape not only the future of Oman but to play a pivotal role in the advancements of academia, research, and innovation on a global stage.

Together, with strategic foresight, collaborative spirit, and a commitment to excellence, we are charting a course towards a brighter, more innovative, and interconnected future for all."



Dr. Fatma Abdullah Amer Al Maqbali
Deputy of the Assistant for Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies, Scientific Research and Innovation

Head of Sections



Head of Partnership and Entrepreneurship Department


Dr.Noushath shaffi

Head of Research and Consultation Department


Dr. Mitha Rabia Salim Al-Jabri

Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer Department