College of Education

College of Education plans its paths from a scientific methodology based on the vision, mission, and values of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, by providing scientific curricula based on approved academic standards. Therefore, the vision of the college and its scientific frameworks are based on the scientific developments of the modern era; in order to build a generation aware of teaching profession requirements, capable of building a sustainable future, possessing knowledge, skills, and values, and adhering to national identity in light of the accelerating technologies and contemporary educational visions; To provide society with high-quality outputs capable of competing at both local and regional levels.


One of the priorities of College of Education is to be a pioneer in providing programs based on the latest scientific theories, by developing its educational programs to provide different educational disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English.


The college endeavors to improve its educational and research programs, plans, and operations continuously and periodically, in accordance with the quality insurance requirements and the university's strategic plan and its main and subsidiary objective and this is reflected positively in the college's improvement of preparation, monitoring, evaluation, and operational plans.