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College of Applied Sciences and Pharmacy

Applied Sciences (UTAS) is a conglomeration of three academic departments; Applied Sciences, Pharmacy and Biotechnology.


At present, the College of Applied Sciences and Pharmacy is running five academic programs; Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Applied Biotechnology and Pharmacy,


Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Sciences programs offer three exit levels; Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelors of Technology. However, Pharmacy program offers only one exit level; Diploma level, while Biotechnology program offers a four-year baccalaureate. Applied Biology Program focuses on providing an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to understand various biological theories and principles underlying living organisms. This specialization provides students with strong technical expertise and necessary skills that enhances their employability in general or research biological laboratories, food industry and agricultural sectors.


Applied Chemistry Program empowers students with a strong foundation in general chemistry, analytical, industrial, combined with biochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and nanotechnological concepts. The graduates are equipped with skills enabling them to work in chemical, petroleum, environmental industries and general or research laboratories.


Environmental Sciences Program provides an in-depth understanding of the basic principles and concepts governing environmental sciences. It extends the students’ knowledge and understanding of current views and theories in selected areas of the field of Environmental Science. The graduates are equipped with skills enabling them to work in environmental industries, construction/real-estate sector and agriculture and fisheries sectors, water and costal agencies, and general or research laboratories.


Applied Biotechnology Program focuses on applications of scientific and technical knowledge in biotechnology to process raw material into valuable products and solving environmental problems. It has three specializations; Marine, Food and Agriculture, and Environmental Applied Biotechnology. The graduates are skilled to work in different fields of biotechnology; marine, food, agriculture and environmental sectors.


Pharmacy Program aims to equip students with the technical competency to prepare the next generation of highly skilled assistant pharmacy leaders. The program will enrich the students with a variety of technical, interpersonal, and professional skills, including patient care, compounding, quality control, inventory management and merchandising operations. The course curriculum is designed to prepare successful graduates for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, medical stores, hospital and community pharmacy.


In all the departments, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced through hands-on application in the form of practical activities, training in the laboratories, research projects and on-the job (OJT) training in the final year of the students. The OJT gives an actual experience of working in Industry/institution/organization.


The College of Applied Sciences and Pharmacy is envisioning to offer graduate degrees in all its academic programs. The graduates will be equipped with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as possess good communication and interpersonal skills.


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