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The University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Muscat (UTAS-Muscat), formerly known as the Higher College of Technology, is the second largest higher education institution in Oman catering for more than 14,000 students studying various academic programs.


UTAS-Muscat was known as the Higher College of Technology from 2001 until 2021. Prior to this, the year 1984 witnessed the birth of Oman Technical Industrial College as the first higher education institute in Oman, initiated by the late Sultan, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. It aimed to produce graduates of a high caliber, well equipped to meet the growing demand of the booming Omani economy.


Now, with a history of nearly 40 years, the programs offered at UTAS-Muscat are the result of experience, partnerships and extensive research to ensure world-class higher education which satisfies the demands of the local and international markets.


UTAS-Muscat has grown enormously from a student population of about 200 to the current of nearly 14000 students. Its facilities have expanded from three initial buildings to a total built-up area of more than 49,700 m2. It has more than 900 staff and an annual intake of about 2000 students entering foundation program offered by the English Language Centre.


UTAS-Muscat has seven academic departments with more than 25 specializations with three different exit levels, diploma, advanced diploma and bachelor’s degrees in the stream of technical education. Each level bestows knowledge, competencies and skills upon the students, and to progress from one level to another it is essential for students to meet well-defined criteria. This clearly defined structure affords UTAS-Muscat an edge of competitiveness in fulfilling Oman’s demand for qualified and skilled human resources. It also gives students the flexibility to exit the system after completing any level with a qualification enabling them to enter the job market.