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About Branch
About Rustaq College of Education

The college is located in Rustaq, South-Batinah region, it was founded in 1987 entitled “Intermediate College for Female Teachers” to grant a professional diploma, by two academic years system, to prepare primary school teachers. In 1994, It had been developed as a university college that awarded a Bachelor degree for education (B.Ed.). In 2008, it had been transformed to an applied college for sciences that grants a Bachelor degree for applied disciplines. Recently, in 2015, the college has been restructured by the Education Council into “College of Education in Rustaq” which prepares Omani teachers in four specialisations namely English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The academic year 2016/2017 was the first admission year of new programs.


College of Education in Rustaq aims to provide two programs namely first: general program which is the main program to equip the professional qualification for teachers to work in schools of Ministry of Education, and second: localization program for educational professions in remote Omani regions which provides teachers to rural and countryside.


The college includes distinguished elites with a wide range of faculty members who represent contemporary extensions of college vision, mission, and future perspectives. It includes six academic departments i.e., scientific research, educational studies, general requirements, science, mathematics, and English language.


As an inspiration center for teaching preparation in the Sultanate of Oman and Arab world, Rustaq College of Education targets quality and excellence in its academic practices to be a center of cultural and intellectual radiation for the community.


Moreover, it seeks to have leadership roles for academic development and progress in educational fields, scientific research, and community services by providing an appropriate, supportive, and stimulating academic environment for students. Meanwhile, it aims to adopt creativity, excellence, and innovation in order to provide distinguished teachers, and be conscious of their mission locally and regionally taking into consideration the requirements of the labor market and sustainable development.