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About Branch
About Nizwa Branch (CAS)

The University branch at Nizwa is one of the branches of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS). It is located in Al Dakhilya Governorate, Willayat Nizwa, which is about 170 km away from Muscat. It was established in the academic year 1990/91 as a middle college of teachers that aimed at preparing and graduating teachers who will be able to work in the primary schools and the duration of the study was two years.


In the academic year 1994/95 it began to accept students at the tertiary level. The first batch of graduates was in the academic year 1997/98. Currently, the branch offers three programs in applied sciences, namely, Mass Communication, Design, and Business Administration. There are (1422) students who study in different sub-disciplines. The students are taught by a group of 123 professors with different scientific qualifications from different countries, while the number of the administrative and academic support staff is 67 employees.


The branch has other roles other than performing teaching. It also focuses on scientific research and providing community service. During the last academic year, it has witnessed a range of academic research articles by participating in local and external workshops, seminars, and conferences, publishing a number of reputable periodicals. Within the community service field, the branch has provided a series of workshops and training programs targeting the government sector in the province.


In deepening the practical aspect of the students, it signed a series of memorandums of cooperation with various business organizations to allow the students to benefit from the experiences of the industrial and service sector as well as take care of the students' activities and enhance national skills and values by encouraging students to engage in students' groups and supporting them by attending workshops held in different educational institutions in Oman.


As a result, the branch students have scored many achievements, most recently obtaining the first place in the best performance and the best text of the English language Oratory Competition, getting first place in the sixth national championship of debates for Al Dakhilyah and Al Dhahira Governorates, achieving the second place in the Fifth University Theatre Festival, getting the second place in the Sports Championship for Female University students, and getting the second place in the Omani University Sports Committee Championship.