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About Branch
About Ibra Branch

Welcome to the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS) of Ibra. Today, the world is witnessing the most profound and most rapid transformations in the modern history. We, at the UTAS-Ibra, are deeply aware of the magnitude of the changes around us. We expect carefully the upcoming challenges and potential opportunities, and we are moving further accordingly.


Considering the strategic direction of Oman Vision 2040, we are actively contributing along with other UTAS branches to fulfill the country's vision via our strategic approach through excellence in governance, academia, research and innovation, and partnership with our society and the community by and large.


We will continue developing and diversifying our academic programs and pedagogical approaches to provide our faculty and students with the most enthusiastic learning and capacity building experience. Our present and future generations of graduates will undergo upgrading and reskilling at an unprecedented pace to help them thrive in a technology and intelligence based-world.


UTAS Ibra will continue sensing the needs of its surrounding businesses, industries and community to provide them with the best services and collaboration opportunities.


With this message, I would like to wish our faculty, students, alumni, and future students a bright and successful experience together.