Message from the Vice Chancellor


University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS) is a branch-based Higher Education Institution (HEI) with thirteen (13) campuses that are strategically scattered across the Sultanate of Oman. The university has emerged as the largest HEI in the Sultanate of Oman, merging the former Colleges of Technology (CoTs), the former Colleges of Applied Sciences (CAS), and the former Rustaq College of Education, by virtue of Royal Decree (76/2020). Such merging is motivated by the Oman Vision 2040 with focus on the National Strategy for Education 2040, Scientific Research Strategy, and the Innovation Strategy, keeping abreast with the modern challenges, priorities, and needs.


On behalf of the university, I am so pleased that roughly 50,000 students are considering UTAS as their second home to grow and learn, as well as to find their own pursuit and full potential! With the steadfast commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff and the support of the rest of the stakeholders of the university, we always believe about concerted success in keeping the university stronger with high integrity in the global stage!


We strive to enrich students’ learning experience by closely engaging them with high quality student-centered learning, stimulating training, and applied research. At UTAS, we endeavor to extend every effort to highly support our students throughout the course of their studies, not only up to their graduation but also protracted towards their career destinations as we are also sensitive about the graduates’ professional growth.


I hope that this informative and responsive website could equip everyone the vital resources and information that are needed. It has important links that could provide salient information about the university, its campuses, its state-of-art facilities and conducive infrastructures, the various programs offered, as well as the fascinating university activities. Moreover, we also welcome you to visit any of our UTAS campuses to have the real atmosphere, experience, and perspective of a learning environment at UTAS.


We hope to see that everyone can fulfill their roles, responsibilities and be able to contribute in furthering the university’s name to reach the broad horizons we strive for via the electronic website.


Dr. Saeed Hamed Al Rubaie

Vice Chancellor, University of Technology and Applied Sciences