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About Branch
About Nizwa Branch (COT)

Welcome to UTAS-Nizwa, which is a part of the largest university system in the Sultanate of Oman. The branch has more than 4,544 students and offers several majors in engineering, information technology, and business studies. It awards various degree levels such as Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Bachelor's. The university branch is located in Nizwa (the most famous ancient city in the Sultanate of Oman).


UTAS aims to acquire knowledge, develop skills for students, and to be a main player in conducting studies and research related to economics, technology, and community development.


The UTAS aims to achieve the sultanate 2040 vision in providing a labour market with highly competent, skilled omani nationals that can cope with the latest technology trends in the globe. As our alumni are equipped with the necessary skills and competence to work in both public and private sectors in the sultanate.


The programs & courses offered in UTAS are implemented by extensive research to ensure the suitability of the programs in terms of Oman industry needs and global. The curriculum is designed and developed to meet the challenges of the current business environment. We committed to expose students to the practical application of science and technology to a wide range of real world problems.


UTAS Nizwa also conducts various seminars and workshops in areas of emerging technology for the students, staff and community.