Visual Identity

Visual Identity Story


For the PERSON who seeks, thinks, learns and searches for excellence. UTAS path is founded to give endless opportunities, enabling to sail in imagination; discover the potential, build capabilities, and achieve ambitions.


Visual Identity Orientation


The orientation of the visual identity design has adopted the concept of unity from which the idea of establishing the University to be a unified entity for technical and applied education has emerged.


Visual Identity Values


  •  Equipping the next generation in the field of technical and applied education, and fostering excellence that makes them locally and globally competitive. The sharpness of the logo and its height on the right side symbolise this aspiration.
  •  Staying ahead of the needs of the market by building the skills of the future, which the university instils in order to build up the capabilities. This appears in the simplicity, fluidity and flexibility of the logo.
  •  The diversity of majors and geography that opens up prospects and increases the opportunities to achieve aspirations and prepares to meet challenges, as it is echoed in the reflection of colours and their different shades.


Colours Indication


Blue: Confidence and Leadership

Orange: Passion and Creativity